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As many of us are continuing to work from home, we are working on ways to stay connected to our team members and clients in a virtual environment. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for how to stay connected and up-to-date while staying socially distant!

Hold a virtual coffee or happy hour

Are you missing your team members or clients? Try being the host of a virtual coffee hour or happy hour! Everyone brings their preferred beverage, and  you can start or end the day with a more casual feeling virtual event. This is the perfect opportunity to check in on how your coworkers or clients are doing and to refresh connections. You can even host digital trivia or game night to step it up an extra notch. 

Schedule video calls rather than business emails or calls

Do you have a long email chain and series of phone calls? Try scheduling a video call instead. Have a clear agenda for what to go over, and stay on track. This is the closest to physical meetings as most people are comfortable with right now given COVID-19 restrictions, and it helps keep your team or clients up-to-date. Video gives you the opportunity to read body language, see facial expressions and catch up on a deeper level than an email or short call may allow. 

Nurture existing relationships – and grow new ones – from online platforms

Don’t be intimidated by the virtual platforms. It’s still an excellent way to both nurture existing relationships and form new ones. Try networking on Linkedin and connecting to new people. Prospective clients? Host a virtual meeting so they can get to know you in a more “in-person” setting and see you face-to-face. Continue to reach out and schedule meetings 

Attend classes or team events 

Another great way to continue expanding your network and horizons while working remotely is to attend classes or team events. If someone is hosting a webinar, Zoom discussion, or more, try to join in! This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your professional knowledge while connecting with colleagues. 

What are some of your favorite ways to digitally network?