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We have some important updates regarding Canyon Title’s COVID-19 policies. At Canyon, we are dedicated to providing a flexible closing while remaining safe and taking proper pandemic precautions. 

Most of our competitors continue to limit closings to a “curbside” experience or they are charging additional fees to travel. Since adoption of our pandemic precautions in mid-March we have continuously offered EVERY feasible closing option and have NEVER charged for a remote closing.

Due to government restrictions easing, we have now decided to loosen our policies in a few key ways. First, we are allowing essential parties to come into the office for closings – and, in addition, real estate agents can now join with proper safety precautions!

We are still maintaining all of the following procedures for the safety of our staff and clients:

Office Access Requirements:

  • All signing parties including Real Estate professionals will be admitted so long as our requirements are strictly adhered to. We continue to insist that non-signing family members and children not attend closings.
  •  If you have ANY cold/ flu like symptoms please let us know immediately and we will find an alternative signing time and location.
  • FedEx and UPS deliveries, please knock loudly and we will collect the packages from you. ​

Guests that are granted access need to comply with the following guidelines (READ CAREFULLY): 

1.    YOU MUST WEAR A MASK, NO EXCEPTIONS! ​If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one.

2.    Please sanitize your hands upon entry. 

3.    You will be directed to a conference room immediately upon entry.

4.    We will be providing the signing parties with a clean pen for signing. This pen is complimentary, feel free to take it with you after completing your signing. 

5.    Please physically distance yourself from our team member, per CDC 6 feet.

In addition, for your continued safety and ours, our offices are locked during normal business hours. 

If you wish to deposit earnest money PLEASE DO NOT go to our offices. Call (303) 831-7575 and earnest money will be collected through a secure electronic system under the guidance of our professional staff.

If you are picking up or dropping off documents, please knock on the door and we will exchange items in the hallway. If you have an appointment for closing please adhere to the safety requirements.