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Top 5 Ways to Get Quality Reviews

Did you know that 92% of consumers read online reviews and 88% of them trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? We live in an age where online reviews play a huge role in the decisions we make. Researching products and services before even contacting a business has become a common practice when making any consumer choices. Whether it’s where you are going to dinner or what real estate agent you want to use, potential customers are checking reviews first. Below are some ways to improve the quality of your testimonials and leverage them so they can get as much engagement as possible.

1. Ask the Right Questions – Clients need guidance on what exactly you are looking for in a review. In order to help them, it’s important to ask them questions that will lead to answers that attest to your effectiveness, qualifications, personality, character, and background. Some great examples of questions you can ask your clients include:
What was the best thing I did to help you buy/sell your home?
What made me stand out as a real estate agent?
How impressed were you with my timeliness?

2. Follow up appropriately – If it has been a few weeks since your last conversation, do not hesitate to follow up with previous clients. One way you can do this is to call and ask how they have been settling into their new home, and at the end of the call ask if they are willing to give a review of your services. Another way you can check in is through social media. Keep things casual and friendly by messaging clients to see how they’re liking their new home or by writing a post encouraging past and current clients to leave a review. An example of a Facebook post could be:

3. Give Them Options – Some people feel comfortable on video, others would rather write a testimonial on their own time, or some people may prefer providing a quick quote over the phone. Providing your clients with options will increase the likelihood of them leaving a testimonial. You can even send out an “exit survey” to clients you have done business with and ask questions like:
What initially intrigued you about ______?
Tell us a specific story about how ______ has gone above and beyond your expectations.

4. Present them creatively – If you have quotes from clients you would like to highlight, is a great resource for professional looking pre-designed layouts. Choose what information to include and how to format it to be eye-catching and engaging. It is important to stay true to what the client actually said, meaning no paraphrasing, but you can pick and choose which quotes you would like to use. Once you have a professional and engaging testimonial template, you can share your client reviews on your social media channels and your website.

5. Leverage Reviews for Marketing – Testimonials should not only be shared on your website and social media channels, but should also be used as marketing materials for your newsletters, brochures, fact sheets, and blog posts. Keep these positive reviews front and center to demonstrate to potential clients that you are experienced and trustworthy.