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The holiday season can be a difficult time to sell a home, but the right staging can help impress potential buyers and get your house sold. Below are five tips and tricks to help sell your home during the holidays. 

  • Keep it clean and simple. A key to staging your home any time of the year is to simplify and create more space. Making sure walls aren’t too cluttered and rooms aren’t too crowded transforms it into a more inviting space for potential buyers to tour. A clean, orderly house brings in more prospective buyers and helps them envision how they may decorate the space. 
  • Accentuate your home’s features. Holiday decor is a fantastic way to draw focus to the places that make your home special. From bay windows to arched doorways, you can use holiday accents to draw more attention to these points. Place some mistletoe in a doorway, or put a Christmas tree or a menorah in large living room windows. While it’s important to leave a fireplace mantle largely visible for buyers to see, some well-placed candles or seasonal knick-knacks may suit the space well.
  • Don’t forget the curb appeal. While it’s important to keep it simple and clean outside and inside the home, there are a few ways to add seasonal decor to the exterior of your home. Wreaths and lights are two of the easiest ways to elevate the curb appeal, but it’s important to keep the lighting straightforward and not go overboard on lawn ornaments. 
  • Blend holiday decor to the style of your home. One of the key points to holiday staging is to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm potential buyers. Make sure ornaments, garlands and any other holiday objects compliment the colors of your home and blend well with the permanent decor, furniture and paint. 
  • Neutrality is key. From maintaining coordinated color schemes to minimal lawn ornaments, keep your holiday staging neutral and welcoming to all. Keep in mind that not everybody celebrates during the traditional holiday season, and don’t let your staging overwhelm your home’s natural beauty and presence.