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During this time, as businesses around Colorado begin to reopen, we are focusing on supporting our favorite local restaurants, boutiques, salons and more. 

When you begin going back out into the community to support businesses, it’s important to keep a few key facts in mind. 

First of all, how does that store want you to patronize them? Look at their website and social media to see what practices they have in place. Do they prefer online pickup? Are they opening at a reduced capacity?

For some businesses, masks and certain distancing practices are required. Make sure you have the right equipment to keep yourself and those around you safe. Whether it’s by practicing distancing measures, masks or making appointments, following the procedures set in place by each individual store is the best way to ensure safety.

One of my personal favorite places is Just BE Kitchen and their mission. This restaurant offers fast, casual food that is free of major allergens, offering a wonderful array of options to those with food allergies and sensitivities.

If you go, I suggest checking out their fulfilled burrito, crave burger and finish of the meal with a delicious brownie for dessert. 

As Jennifer Peters of Just BE Kitchen says, “Just BE you and to come from what you believe is the soul of what we provide – I do see us as a wellness company, more than a restaurant and in this crazy time…I like to think we spread wellness vs prevent sickness.”

We’d love to hear from you on what your favorite local businesses are and how you are supporting them. Are you ordering takeout? Buying gift cards? Let us know!