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How to Stay Top of Mind with Clients

Statistics show that 70% of sellers would definitely use the same real estate agent again, and that 73% of buyers feel the same way. But if this is the case, then why do only 25% of those buyers actually end up using their previous agent? The time gap between a successful closing and a client needing your services again could be as much as 15 years, which is a substantial amount of time to maintain a relationship. Staying top of mind with past clients can be difficult, but is an integral part of earning referral and repeat business. Here are some tools to help you stay top of mind by segmenting your homeowner audience and sending each group individualized content.

  • Bombbomb: BombBomb helps you convert leads by enabling you to send quick videos to prospects via email.  It also includes tracking features to let you know who’s opening and watching your videos for better follow up. By allowing you to create custom videos, BombBomb lets you send unique content to existing clients with messages such as:
    • General Congratulations Video: Send a video congratulating your client on getting through the process and thanking them for being such a pleasure to work with
    • Vacation Homes: During popular vacation times send a video asking if your client has any places in mind for a more permanent vacation home.
    • Holiday Wishes: Check in with clients over the holidays and let them know you are thankful for their business and sending them well wishes.
  • Moove Guru: This tool is the perfect way for agents to connect with homebuyers and sellers throughout the home buying process. Through Moove Guru, agents can keep in contact with homebuyers after they’ve closed and are now moving into their new house or moving out of their old house. Moove Guru has developed a program designed to deliver coupons to movers for goods in a timeframe they are most likely to make a purchase. As an agent, these emails can be branded to you so you can interact with clients even after closing.
  • Social Media: Meeting clients where they are already engaged on social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram is a great way to keep track of any big life events. Reaching out during events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and growing families can help you interact with these clients in a very organic way that can help you become more memorable. Even sharing helpful articles surrounding home ownership can show that you are still thinking about them and that you care about more than just a successful closing.