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  1. Throw a holiday-themed open house – Now is the perfect time of year to throw a festive event. Incorporate holiday decor in the home staging and serve treats such as hot cocoa and cookies for your guests.  
  2. Host an exclusive ‘nosy neighbors” meetup for everyone in the neighborhood at your next, new listing before you open it up to the public. This event not only lets the neighbors know that the property is going on the market, it also creates an opportunity to get the neighbors buy-in on what makes the property desirable and any objections your seller should be aware of. The theme could be as simple as – taco and margarita night, or pizza and beer night – food and free drinks are a good way to attract people to stop by even on short notice. After the event, be sure to follow up with the attendees and ask them for their feedback about the listing for the sellers.
  3. Creative Email/ Direct Mail – Your email and direct mailers do not have to be run of the mill, the more creative you are the more likely you are to get noticed. For example – send an email that says “Pick your neighbors! Listing in your neighborhood is going on the market, do you know of anyone you would like to have as your neighbor?” Meme cards like the one below are also attention-grabbing and relatable.      
  4. Niche listings – Write your listings with a particular audience in mind. By highlighting a few notable features you can help a buyer better envision what it would be like to live there.  For example, if a property has a large, fenced in yard, taylor your listing around pet owners, or if a home has a finished basement that could serve as an apartment, write your listing to appeal to buyers looking for an investment opportunity.
  5. Coming soon ads – build anticipation and excitement around a pocket listing by posting “Coming soon” ads on social media.  These ads could include the “Pick your neighbor” campaign mentioned above, or creating a game by posting one room at a time, or even posting a picture of a street asking “Which of these homes do you think is about to go on the market?”