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E-commerce has become the new norm in our society. With every website available instantly at our fingertips, it is more important than ever to retain personal connections and interactions with clientele. A buyer’s search for a new home will likely begin on the internet, given the accessibility of apps and websites that help consumers compare and contrast homes in a short amount of time. But this does not mean that homebuyers don’t value real estate professionals, as the first point of contact for advice and expertise for online home searchers are Real Estate Agents. 

To be the real estate agent chosen out of the vast profiles available online, you have to stand out from the competition. A high percentage of people will choose a brand or agent-based off of online review sites, followers on social media, and their personal rating scores. A recent study shows that 60% of businesses have lost a customer because they feel the business is indifferent to them. To gain a leg up on your competition, it is important to bring value to your previous clients because they are the ones who decide if they will come back, refer their friends/families, and leave a good review. 

Below are some tips on how to continuously say thank you and stay top of mind with your clients throughout the year. 

  • Include a thank you note with each closing. This could be done either through the mail or through social media to acknowledge the home buyer and to let them know if they need anything or have any questions, they can easily reach out to you. This is also a great opportunity to give the client information about your personal site with consistent updates on the industry. It is important that you are the one they go to for current information about real estate and not competitors. 
  • Send personalized holiday greetings expressing your gratitude. This can be done through a mass email from your email list or through personalized, individual holiday cards. This shows the client that you are still thinking about them and thanking them, which will create a lasting impact. If your clientele base is large, segment your base. Send certain holiday cards or birthday cards to specific groups at specific times.
  • Create a Thank You Video to post on your site and social channels. This could be any time of the year like special occasions or holidays to thank each of your clients and to let them know you are looking forward to what the future will bring. These videos make an impact because they are personal and thoughtful, acknowledging your client base.
  • Share client stories on your site and social channels. A big part of being a real estate professional is creating a personal connection with your client instead of creating a buying only relationship. Ask before posting, but this is a great way to share with your community how much you appreciate each of them and shows you are excited about their futures!

There are many different ways to thank your clients throughout the year, but remember, it is important to continuously keep in touch. Building customer relationships after closing will give you the opportunity to elevate your personal brand above the competition and keep your clients happy!

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