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4 Video Marketing Ideas for Agents

As 2018 approaches, it has become clear that video marketing has grown exponentially across all social media channels. This can be attributed to the release of Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and the growing popularity of content marketing. Video marketing is changing how real estate agents can reach their audience.

According to Hubspot, adding the word “video” to an email’s subject line boosts the open rate by 19%, increases click rates by 65%, and reduces unsubscribes by 26%. This information holds true in the real estate industry. 90% of homebuyers begin their research online therefore it is important for real estate agents to have attention grabbing content. In fact, homebuyers typically spend three weeks researching properties online, and during this research, 85 percent of buyers and sellers prefer to work with an agent who uses video.

Getting started with video marketing may be intimidating, but as we enter the New Year it is only going to grow in popularity especially in the real estate industry. If you need ideas on how to get started with real estate marketing videos, here are some options:

About Me: When initially entering the video marketing scene, an “About Me” video is the perfect way to introduce yourself, your brand, and build trust with potential buyers. This is a way for you to explain who you are, what makes you special, how you got involved in real estate, and why you love being an agent.

First Time Buyer and Seller Tips: Nothing demonstrates your expertise more than sharing real estate insider information to anyone conducting research on home buying. Become a trusted source on real estate topics such as how to negotiate prices in a hot market, what features to emphasize to attract buyers, staging before and afters, and what to look for in agent. This will help foster a relationship between you and the buyer before you even start interacting with them.

Listing Videos: This should be your go-to video marketing content. Showing videos of properties is attention grabbing for all users and can create a larger reach of people who view your videos. While making a listing video touch upon what makes the property unique or particularly appealing, but also try to add your own personality or flair to make it more engaging and unique. Keep your video interesting by adding a combination of video clips, still photos, voice narration, and music.

Thank You Videos: The holidays are a time for you to show your clients how thankful you are for their business. Making a video is a personable and attention grabbing way you can thank your clients and promote your business. This can consist of mentioning how your business has improved over the year and even your goals for the New Year.

Regardless of how you decide to make your videos, it is important to stay consistent. Whether you would like your brand to have a less scripted format, or to stay polished, the main objective is to establish a style that is your own. You can post these videos on all of your social pages and include them in email drip campaigns and newsletters. Incorporating videos on these channels will solidify your brand image and increase increase your online traffic.