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More Video!

The use of video is continuing to grow in popularity on all marketing channels, with social media being the most prominent. As an agent, in order to engage home buyers and sellers, you should create short, engaging videos of you or your listings and post them on your social media pages. Some helpful video marketing tools:

  • Animoto – With this easy-to-use video tool you can combine and personalize still images to create social-ready videos. Make your listing stand out by creating a video from listing photos with any text of your choice instead of posting still images.
  • Matterport – Matterport enables you to create 3D experiences for homebuyers like virtual walkthroughs, 360° views, videos, and more.
  • BombBomb – BombBomb helps you convert leads by enabling you to send quick videos to prospects via email.  It also includes tracking features to let you know who’s opening and watching your videos for better follow up.

Brand Authenticity

The consumer’s trust in your brand is more important than ever in 2019. As a real estate agent, building brand authenticity can be difficult as your prospective clients are bombarded with endless advertisements. Videos are the perfect medium for showing off your personality yet demonstrating your professionalism. Some ways you can make your personality stand out are:

  • Promote and host a meet and greet at a local coffee shop to get to know prospective buyers and sellers while spotlighting a local business.
  • Consider using Instagram or Facebook Live at the next open house you are hosting to provide your audience an insider glimpse of how you interact with clients and effectively market a listing.
  • Users are becoming more and more trusting in brands that have quality reviews, utilize this by featuring client reviews on your social media channels.

Marketing Automation

Finding a happy medium between brand authenticity and marketing automation is a great goal to have for 2019. Utilize marketing automation to stay in touch with your leads without having to expend a lot of time and energy. Don’t forget to personalize your communication when a lead has expressed a growing amount of interest or reached out to you directly. Here are some automation examples that you can implement in 2019:

  • Develop text message marketing campaigns to engage with leads as another point of contact.
  • Send email drip campaigns to your segmented audiences based on their preferences and where they are in the funnel.
  • Chatbots on your website can help facilitate conversations such as a prompt asking a potential home buyer whether they want to book a showing. Check out the apps ManyChat and Intercom for chatbot automation services.

Content with Value

In 2019 most of your competitors will be incorporating marketing automation and video into their marketing plan. In order to stand out from these competitors and establish trust with your audience, brand yourself as an expert in the real estate industry. Here are some actionable, localized content ideas you can bring to your community:

  • Home buying and selling guides that educate about the process, and include additional sections for your specific communities.
  • Blog posts that provide hyper-local content such as, best local coffee shops, nearby attractions, school district information, and walkable areas if there are any.
  • Home financing tips that help buyers understand the mortgage process and tips on how to find the right lender. This is a great cross-marketing opportunity if you have a preferred lender.
  • Local real estate market update videos.  
  • Video interviews with local business owners.

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