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4 Holiday Marketing Ideas

Tis the season… to rev up your holiday marketing!  While it may be tempting to cozy up indoors and slow things down, the holidays are actually the perfect time to market your business, show clients you care, and “warm” up any potential leads that may have gone cold.  Plus, a clever holiday campaign can be just the thing you need to put you one step ahead of your competition. Here are 4 Holiday Marketing Ideas to help get the creative wheels turning.

1) Thank Your Clients

There is no better time to show clients that you are thankful for their business than around Thanksgiving.  Send a short but personalized note thanking your new and existing clients for their patronage and support.

2) Host a Family Friendly Holiday Event or Open House

Hosting an event is a great way to get one-on-one time with past and future clients over the holidays. Keep things fun and festive with holiday themed invites and gift bags, as well as thank you cards for those clients that attended.

3) Make a Donation

Instead of sending individual gifts, put that money towards a donation to an organization that resonates with you and your clients, and ladders back to your brand. Send a note to your client sharing a bit about the organization and how you supported the charity in

their name. Or sponsor a food, coat, or toy drive.  Not only is a this a great way to give back to the community it is another way for your to connect with clients who share your passion for stewardship.

4) Social Media Spirit

Celebrate the season by sharing holiday themed posts in-between your usual content:

1) Post a branded map of all the winter/festive events happening in your area.

2) Host a Social Media Holiday giveaway contest. Ask your followers to post photos of their best DIY decorations, festively dressed pets, ugly Christmas sweaters, etc. and award the winner(s) with a gift card or holiday themed gift.

3) If you are a real estate agent, consider customizing your listing videos with winter theme or holiday graphics.

4) Share photos of you and your team decorating your office, or of your local office scenery covered in snow

5) If you have a newsletter, make it festive and include a few holiday decorating tips or a message of appreciation to your clients.

Going the extra step with a few small acts of kindness that celebrate in the spirit of the season, will not only show your clients you are invested in strengthening your relationship but will help keep you top of mind.

Happy Holidays Everyone!